Gaming Knights is UCF’s student-run gaming organization, for both casual and competitive gamers for anyone and everyone who wants to get involved. Our aim is to bring all kinds of people together through the social power of gaming.


News and Updates

As the largest student organization at UCF, there’s plenty of news just within Gaming Knights. Click the link below to keep track of the news and updates within the club.

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Want to know more about Gaming Knights? Whether it’s about our events, our esports teams, or about the club in general, check out our FAQ section.

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Gaming Knights Esports at UCF

Gaming Knights is home to UCF’s esport program, and the only college-sponsored esport program within the state of Florida. There are currently nine games under our organization. Click below for more information.


About Us

Gaming Knights was originally formed in 2013, after a merger between two clubs at UCF. Since then. the organization has grown to be the largest student-run club at UCF, and is paving the way for collegiate esports in the state of Florida. For the full GK story, click below.